Rio Da Yung OG - Too Legendary

Rio Da Yung OG - Too Legendary
  • Исполнитель: Rio Da Yung OG
  • Песня: Too Legendary
  • Длительность: 2:20
  • Размер файла: 5.38 МБ
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
  • Дата релиза: 07 январь 2023
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Текст песни
I'm 'bout to eyeball you a zip, bro, my scaley jumpin'
Why you sittin' in the spot if you ain't sellin' nothin'?
Keepin' tabs on every play I make, I think you tellin' somethin'
Uh, I don't fuck with rats
I had to throw my hat away 'cause I don't fuckin' cap
Talkin' big shit over these beats, I don't mumble rap
Thug life, bitch, I'm Pac without the stomach tats
Bitch, I'm 2Pac without the nose ring
I get excited every time my flip phone ring
How much you got? Man, you worryin' 'bout the wrong thing
You need to worry 'bout where your bitch goin' when the ho leave
My bitch told me to grow up, I'd rather grow weed
I ran through a football field and ain't find no seeds
Lookin' for the opps, like I'm an ahk, I can't find no beef