Burna Boy - Big 7

Burna Boy - Big 7
  • Исполнитель: Burna Boy
  • Песня: Big 7
  • Длительность: 2:31
  • Размер файла: 5.82 МБ
  • Качество: 320 kbps, Stereo
  • Дата релиза: 29 июль 2023
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Текст песни
First of all, rest in peace Virgil Abloh
Don't spill no drink on my clothes when I'm Louis V drippin'
Don't like stress in my dome
Straight to the head when I'm 1942 sippin'
Been wavy since mornin'
No dey talk to me in public
Mix my drink with a likkle Molly
Smoke my weed to the claro o
Lamborghini driver, 'Rarri 458 Italia
I really, really spent a milli' on just two Richard Milles
And I wear 'em willy-nilly through the city, ayy

Wavy since London
Wavy since Berlin
So no dey talk to me in public
I'm in a different place
If you see me tonight, you can clеarly see that I've been wavy since mornin'